Anti-Zionist Graffiti Found at Jerusalem's Ammunition Hill Memorial Site

Police are searching for the vandals who tarnished the memorial site early Monday morning with slogans slamming President Peres and praising German poet Gunter Grass.

Anti-Zionist graffiti was found on Monday morning sprayed at various locations at the Ammunition Hill memorial site in Jerusalem.

The graffiti included slogans slamming President Shimon Peres, as well as praise for German poet Gunter Grass. The slogans that were found included: The evil Zionist regime will fall, and Gunter Grass – be strong and brave.

Graffiti Ammunition Hill
Shiran Granot

Graffiti included curses against Peres, as well as Deputy Prime Minister Eli Yishai, calling Yishai a Zionist Mizrahi. The vandals attempted to burn the Israeli flag on display at the site by setting the flags ropes on fire. The flag was not burned, although it was found on the ground. Workers at Ammunition hill report that the graffiti was still fresh, when they arrived for work on Monday morning, and Police surmise that the slogans were sprayed during the early hours of the morning.

Last week, similar slogans were sprayed at two memorial sites in the Jordan Valley. Graffiti in the Jordan Valley included slogans such as: End the occupation, and Killed for the crime of provocation.

Oz Katari, director of the museum, commented on the graffiti. I dont remember ever seeing such vandalism – this is the first time Ive seen it like this, said Katari. Years ago there was some vandalism at memorial sites, but since then a fence was put up and things calmed down, he explained.

 This is a very, very, very difficult blow, said Katari. Especially on the eve of Memorial Day. There is a very specific intention here. It is hard to see the place like this.

The Defense Ministry harshly criticized the vandalism. We take it very seriously, that specifically during the week in which Israeli society unites around bereaved families these acts were perpetrated. These acts harm the unity of the people, within Israeli society in general, and specifically with bereaved families, said Aryeh Moalm, vice-director of the Defense Ministry, and head of the department of families and commemoration.

MK Michael Ben Ari, (National Unity) responded to the events as well. The time has come for us to see these anarchists as a terrorist organization for all intents and purposes. Unfortunately Netanyahu and Aharonovich are busy chasing after the pioneers in the hills, and the anarchists are free to do as they please, said Ben Ari.