Israeli Actor Director Assi Dayan Suffers Severe Heart Attack

Son of late military leader Moshe Dayan recently wrote a script about the philosophy of the desire to die.

Renowned Israeli actor and director Assi Dayan suffered a severe heart attack on Tuesday and was rushed to Tel Aviv's Ichilov Hospital for treatment. Medical officials said that the 64-year-old was undergoing angioplasty and was in good condition.

A Magen David Adom ambulance arrived at Dayan's home just before noon, after he complained of chest pains. An on-site examination revealed an irregular heartbeat and Dayan was evacuated to the hospital, accompanied by his mother, Ruth Dayan.

Dayan, son of late defense minister Moshe Dayan, is one of Israel's most prominent actors and directors. He recently portrayed the therapist Reuven Dagan on the hit television series Betipul (in treatment), which was adapted to English by HBO, with Dayan's role played by Gabriel Byrne.

In an interview with Ha'ir Tel Aviv some four weeks ago, Dayan revealed that he was working on a new script, about a psychiatrist who rents out his office to people who want to commit suicide. "It is a different perspective on the desire to die," he said in the interview. "When we find ourselves in difficult situations, we often say 'I wish I were dead' or 'oh God' or 'I want to die'. This arranges the death issue in a philosophical fashion, in that the protagonist convinces people to jump, the option of death is legitimate because it is a gift, and also a little celebration. People who have read my script walked around for two days thinking about nothing but death. What will come first? Will I die first or will death come first?"