Police Say They Didn't Save TA Beach Lynch Victim's Clothes

Yuval Goren
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Yuval Goren

Aryeh Karp was buried with the clothes he was wearing when he was killed on Tel Aviv's Baruch beach in August, and they were not kept as evidence - yet another mishap in the murder investigation, a prosecution source said yesterday.

Eight men from Jaljulya were arrested for attacking Karp while he was out with his wife and daughter on the boardwalk. His wife and daughter escaped with injuries; Karp's body was found in the water several hours laters.

Three of the suspects have been charged with Karp's murder.

A few days ago the primary suspect's attorney, Asher Chen, asked the prosecution for Karp's clothes. Chen wanted a forensic expert to examine the clothes, since the exact time of Karp's death was not clear. Both police and prosecution officials have called the time between the attack and when Karp's body was found a "black hole."

However, the police did not keep or document findings regarding Karp's clothes, aside from one photograph, before transferring them to the Forensic Medicine Institute, where they were sent for burial with the body.

"A murder victim's clothes sometimes are destroyed, but not where there's a question concerning the exact time and place of death," Chen said.

"A murder victim's clothes are an important piece of evidence, and there is no doubt there was a slip-up here," a senior prosecution source told Haaretz yesterday.

However, since the defendants admitted attacking Karp and the court ruled there was a "causal link" between the attack and his death, the slip up should not affect the course of the trial, he said.