Yehoshua Kastiel, 59, and Alon Kastiel, 31

Father: One of the owners of Kastiel Furnishings; Son: Real estate entrepreneur.

Sahar Shalev
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Yehoshua Kastiel is known for his casual style of dress, which includes mainly light-colored button-down shirts which are worn casually, and dominant glasses. His son Alon’s style is more conservative, with button-down shirts and elegant pants. But despite the differences, the two of them both look like different versions of the same relaxed style.

Yehoshua says his father taught him how to cut fabrics and to feel the textiles. “He taught me that on the one hand you have to appear in public in attractive clothes, but on the other although it wasn’t said specifically it was forbidden to stand out ... I never button the sleeves or the shirt all the way, and I’ve never owned a tie,” he admits. “Once they asked me to wear a tie at an elegant restaurant in Italy, but after the first hors d’oeuvres I left, because I felt I couldn’t eat that way.”

Yehoshua and Alon Kastiel.Credit: Asaf Einy

Alon maintains that growing up at home, there was no special attention to clothing. While Yehoshua says he thinks his son is a “sophisticated nerd” in terms of dress, he agrees that Alon always had a style of his own. As proof, he and Alon’s mother never bought their son’s clothes without him.