Obama Wishes Jews Around the World a Happy Passover

U.S. president, in his annual holiday greeting, reflects on the struggles of the Jewish people and says he is looking forward to a 'good bowl of matzo ball soup.'

U.S. President Barack Obama on Thursday wished Jews around the world a happy Passover in a special video message.

Obama reflected on the struggles of the Jewish people in his message, and said he is looking forward to "a good bowl of matzo ball soup."

 "The story of the Exodus is thousands of years old, but it remains as relevant as ever," Obama said. "Throughout our history, there are those who have targeted the Jewish people for harm – a fact we were so painfully reminded of just a few weeks ago in Toulouse."

"Throughout the years, the search for answers has deepened the Jewish peoples commitment to repairing the world, and inspired American Jews to help make our union more perfect," he continued.

Obama said he is preparing for the fourth annual White House Seder on Friday night, a new tradition started by Obama after participating in an impromptu Seder during his presidential campaign in 2008. He is the first U.S. President to have hosted a Seder at the White House.

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