Kadima's New Leader Mofaz: Our Top Mission Now Is to Replace Netanyahu's Government

Mofaz appointed head of opposition, vows to oppose Netanyahu government and submit new legislation on social issues.

MK Shaul Mofaz, who won the Kadima primary last week, will be appointed on Monday as the new opposition head, replacing former Kadima Chairwoman Tzipi Livni.

At the first Kadima meeting since his victory, Mofaz said this morning, "We are embarking on a new and common path. Any action we take from now on will be for the sake of one mission – to replace Netanyahu's bad and cold government."

Michal Fattal

Last  Tuesday, Mofaz won 61.7percent of the votes in the Kadima primary - a total of 23,987 votes - and Livni took 37.23 percent - a total of 14,516 votes.

"God willing, we will replace the next government," Mofaz said at Monday's meeting. "There are and will not be negotiations to join the government," he said, adding that Kadima "is much bigger and stronger than Likud and other parties."

Mofaz said his first objective as the new head of Kadima would be to bring the Knesset Economic Affairs Committee under the party's control, which he said would occur in early May. He added that he also intended to submit a number of bills on social issues.

After winning the primaries on Tuesday, Mofaz called on Livni to join him in the party's efforts to pose a serious challenge to the Netanyahu government.

He emphasized the need for a strong and united party following the primaries, and called on Livni to join him in the effort to "return Israel to the right path." "Tzipi, your place is with us," he said.

Livni said last week in response to Mofaz's victory: “I am grateful to each and every one of you for the embrace of faith, preparation and friendship. I believe that the state deserves the leadership you are worthy of. These are elections, and these are the results.”

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