Report: Suspected Smugglers Killed in Shooting Incident Near Border With Egypt

Reports claim one of the dead is Israeli; incident took place hours after Netanyahu surveys progress of new border fence.

Two suspected smugglers, including what reports say was an Israeli Arab, were killed following a shooting incident involving Israel Defense Forces soldiers near the border with Egypt on Tuesday, less than two weeks after a similar incident resulted in the death of an Egyptian smuggler.

The incident took place hours after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu surveyed the progress of the new fence being erected along Israel’s border with Egypt.

Egypt border - AP

Earlier this month, four smugglers were fired upon after illegally crossing the border by both Egyptian and Israeli forces patrolling the border, resulting in one death.

On Tuesday, IDF forces identified two suspicious figures after they illegally crossed into Israel from Egypt. The IDF soldiers shouted warnings at the infiltrators, ordering them to stop, before the soldiers proceeded to shoot, wounding the suspects in the legs.

One of the suspects fled back into Israeli territory, as three suspects, including the two infiltrators, fled back across the border into Egypt.

The three suspects became engaged in a firefight with Egyptian border patrol, resulting in the deaths of two suspects.

The IDF is currently investigating the identities of the two suspects that were killed, with preliminary reports claiming that one of the suspects was an Egyptian citizen, and the other an Israeli Arab. The third suspect involved in the shooting apparently fled into the Sinai.

According to a report in the Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram, Egyptian authorities are in possession of two bodies, one of which is of an Israeli citizen, killed not far from the town of Rafah.

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