TIMELINE / A History of the West Bank Outpost of Migron

Originally erected in 1999, Migron grew out of a cellular antenna tower to become one of Israel's most established illegal outposts.

July 1999

Settlers attempt to erect the outpost for the first time, but vacate the site at the request of the Civil Administration.

May 2001

The outpost is erected for a second time, this time in the form of a cellular antenna. This time, it is not immediately evacuated.

April 2002

The outpost is expanding significantly and begins absorbing families, among them a large group of full-time yeshiva students.

July 2003

The Housing Ministry funds infrastructure work at the outpost and prepares building plans.

December 2003

The IDF plans to demolish Migron, but the operation is delayed due to Israel's unilateral disengagement from Gaza.

September 2006

Peace Now submits a petition to the High Court of Justice demanding the evacuation of the outpost. The state commits to evacuate it within two years.

August 2008

Yesha Council announces it has reached an agreement with the government, according to which the outpost will be relocated to a nearby location and its houses will not be demolished.

August 2011

Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch orders the outpost destroyed by March 2012.

March 12, 2012

Migron settlers reach a compromise with the government, brokered by Minister Benny Begin. The agreement was rejected by the High Court on Sunday.