Israeli TV Network to Reimburse Supporters of 'The Voice' Contestant Who Quit

Reshet categorically denies that it had prior knowledge of contestant Yuval Dayan's decision to quit.

The Second Television and Radio Authority demanded to know Sunday whether its franchisee Reshet knew in advance that a leading candidate wanted to leave "The Voice," the popular musical talent show. Simultaneously, Reshet announced it had already decided to reimburse all those who paid to send a text-message vote in favor of the candidate, Yuval Dayan.

Dayan, who reached the semifinals and was considered a strong favorite to win the singing competition, surprisingly announced during the live broadcast Saturday that she had decided to bow out. The Second Authority asked Reshet if its staff was aware of Dayan's doubts "and if so, why was the public asked to vote for her, knowing that these text messages might not count?"

Channel 2

For its part, the franchisee announced, "Reshet has decided to reimburse all clients who voted for Yuval Dayan." It explained that there is a need to work with the cellular companies to figure out how the repayment can be done technically, but that after an examination is conducted, the voters will be reimbursed. Dayan announced her decision after the phone lines were closed, and Reshet "immediately decided to opt for a fair course of action vis-a-vis the show's loyal fans."

Reshet added that "despite the announcements by various regulation authorities, our decision to reimburse the voters was reached as early as Saturday night."

Immediately after performing her song on the show, Dayan turned to her "mentor," Shlomi Shabat and asked him to give all her points to her competitor, Tzachi Halevi, who advanced to the finals. Dayan had won the vote by 57 percent to 43 percent.

Reshet categorically denied that it had prior knowledge of Dayan's decision to quit. "In the past few days Yuval and her family shared their doubts with the show's production team, and spoke of her wish to concentrate on her studies. But the final decision was reached only during the program," it announced.