The Israeli-Iranian Kiss That Launched a Thousand Facebook 'Likes'

A new image depicting a kiss between an Israeli man and an Iranian woman has electrified the worldwide Israel Loves Iran campaign.

As Roni Edry and Michal Tamir's spontaneous Israel Loves Iran initiative continues to reverberate throughout the world, one photo posted on Facebook has caused a stir, sparking curiosity on the web.

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Israel Iran Kiss
David Anisfeld

The photo posted by Facebook user Daniel Anisfeld depicts a man and a woman kissing, while holding their passports up to the camera. The woman holds an Iranian passport, and an Israeli passport is seen in the man's hand.

As of Thursday night, the picture has accumulated more than 5,000 "likes," and hundreds of "shares," from Facebook users around the world.

The photo garnered criticism as well. "When Ahmadinejad kisses an Isreaeli girl like that, and goes with her under the chuppa (a Jewish wedding canopy) in marriage, send me the picture. Until then, stop with the nonsense," was one comment posted on Facebook.

Another poster had a similar idea: "I want a picture of (Yisrael Beteinu MK) Anastasia Michaeli kissing Ahmadinejadthen I'll believe something is happening here"

Many comments also noted that should the young woman return to Iran, she may face consequences. Other posters expressed doubts, claiming that the photo was digitally altered.

Anisfeld responded with a comment stating that the photo was taken at a New Year's Eve part in New York, however did not reveal any other details regarding the couple, and has yet to reply to Haaretz inquiries.

Most of the Facebook users that saw the picture were happy to see photo of the couple kissing. "Way to go! There should be more brave people like you. I wish both sides would understand that we can solve these problems of war, and make the peace that everyone wants," posted one user.

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