Israel's First 'Slutwalk' Protest Hits the Streets of Tel Aviv

Protesters in 'Mitzad Sharmutot' march against sexual harassment, objectification of women, in company of countries around the world.

Some 200 people took to the streets of Tel Aviv on Thursday night to protest the objectification of women, and the increasing prevalence of sexual harassment, in Israel's first 'SlutWalk' protest.

Toronto activists organized the first SlutWalk protest on April 3 2011, in reaction to a Canadian policemans statement that "women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized." Some protesters wore minimal dress to make their point.

Israel's first 'SlutWalk' protest - Hadar Cohen - March 22, 2012
Hadar Cohen

During Israels first SlutWalk, called "Mitzad Sharmutot" in Hebrew, the protesters, most of them young women, made their way from Gan Meir to Rabin Square calling, "No means no!"

One protester Abuhatzira came to the protest dressed in a miniskirt, and only a bathing suit from the waist up. She pointed out that she "would have come in only a bathing suit, if it wasn't so cold." On her back was a sticker with the following message: How am I dressed? Call 1-800-mind your business.

Rachel Bergstein, a 24 year old student from Tel Aviv protested as well. "I'm here because I've encountered too many situations in which my personal space was violated," she said. "People assume that the feminist movement succeeded, that there's total equality between men and women so we don't need to struggle anymore, and that's just not true."

Further SlutWalk protests are scheduled to take place in Haifa later this month, and later also in Jerusalem.

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