Death Threats Sprayed on Home of Peace Now Activist, in Apparent 'Price Tag' Attack

This is the second time in months that Hagit Ofran has been targeted, allegedly by right-wing extremists angry over dismantling of illegal West Bank settlements.

The home of a top Peace Now activist was vandalized overnight on Monday, for the second time in two months, allegedly by right-wing extremists angry over the Israeli government's policy of dismantling illegal West Bank outposts.

The vandals painted swastikas and sprayed graffiti on Hagit Ofran's home, in what police believe to be part of the "price tag" policy adopted by extremists.

Price tage - Tomer Appelbaum - November 8, 2011.
Tomer Appelbaum

The graffiti warned: "Hagit Ogran, Rabin is waiting for you", referring to the assassination of former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, by a right wing-activist.

The vandals also sprayed: "Givat Assaf revenge" and "Greetings from Maoz Etzion", in reference to two West Bank outposts that were recently razed. A parked vehicle nearby adorned with a bumper sticker reading 'peace' was also vandalized.

The damage was found by Ofran's neighbors and reported to police, who subsequently opened an investigation.

The incident is the latest in a string of "price tag" attacks carried out against Ofran and the anti-settlement movement Peace Now over recent months.

The Jerusalem offices of Peace Now were vandalized earlier this week, accompanied by bomb threats. Over the weekend, a Star of David was sprayed on the office gates.

Two months ago, similar graffiti was spray-painted on the door of Ofrans home and on the wall of the stairwell of the building she lives in. Some of the graffiti included the words death to the traitors and Migron price tag, in reference to another dismantled outpost.

"They are trying to scare us, but it will not work," Ofran told Haaretz on Tuesday. "The discourse in Israel has become truly dangerous. We are having an argument about the future and this discourse has crossed red lines," she added.

Peace Now responded to the incident with s a statement declaring: "The responsibility for price tag attacks is (Prime Minister) Netanyahu's. The incitement and the harsh words of the coalition members in favor of illegal outposts and against the justice system and left-wing organizations is seeping into the ground and giving support to the price tag vandals."

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