Iran: Israel 'A Barking Dog' That Will Not Dare Attack Islamic Republic Over Nuclear Program

Parliamentary speaker Ali Larijani says Israel will not attack because doing so will be 'playing with its own destiny.'

Iran's parliamentary speaker has called Israel a "barking dog" that won't dare attack the Islamic republic over its controversial nuclear program.

Ali Larijani said Saturday that the Jewish state won't attack Iran because doing so will be "playing with its own destiny."

Iran - AFP - March 14, 2012

Israel, the U.S. and their Western allies worry Iran may be trying to develop nuclear weapons. Tehran maintains its nuclear program is purely for peaceful purposes.

Israel and the U.S. have said that all options remain open, including military action, if Iran continues with its uranium enrichment program.

But Israel has been more aggressive in its rhetoric, threatening to attack
Iran if it feels it is necessary.

On Friday, senior Israeli officials said they believe that the latest sanctions imposed by the West against Iran result from the threats Israel issued about launching a unilateral attack on the Iranian nuclear facilities.

A day before, Swift, the global provider of financial services, announced that it is severing 25 Iranian banks from its systems, starting tomorrow. This dramatic move means that Iran's government will effectively have to transact its international business in cash.