India Issues Warrants for Iranians Suspected in Attack on Israeli Embassy

Local police issue warrants for the arrest of three Iranians suspected of the February 13 attack on Israel's embassy in New Delhi; move is first time Iran has been officially linked to the attack.

India has named three Iranians as suspects in last month's attack on Israel's embassy in New Delhi, according to a report in the newspaper India Today.

Dehli police issued an arrest warrant for the three suspects on Wednesday, and is planning to request international warrants from Interpol soon, according to the report. The move marks the first time Iran has been officially linked to the attack.

New Delhi bomb - AP - February 2012

According to the report, two of the suspects, Syed Ali Mehdi Sadr and Mohammad Reza Abolghasemi, arrived in New Delhi in early 2011 to conduct surveillance and collect information on their targets, the Israeli embassy and Israeli diplomats.

The pair later returned to Iran to brief the third suspect, Housan Afshar, who is believed to have actually carried out the attack. Afshar arrived in Delhi in late January of this year and checked into a hotel in the city center.

Immediately following the attack, Afshar took a flight to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on his way back to Iran. Police later located the motorcycle that was used in the attack, which belonged to an employee of the hotel where Afshar stayed.

Earlier this month, Delhi Police arrested Syed Mohammed Ahmed Kazmi, an Indian journalist suspected of helping the suspects gather information and meeting with Afshar at his home.

Tali Yehoshua-Koren, the wife of an Israeli diplomat, was moderately wounded in the February 13 attack.