Egyptian Parliamentary Committee Urges Recall of Israel Envoy in Response to IDF Strikes on Gaza

Egyptian parliamentary committee for Arab affairs decides to urge government to recall ambassador to Israel from Tel Aviv, deport Israel's ambassador in Egypt.

The Egyptian parliamentary committee for Arab affairs decided on Monday to urge the Egyptian government to recall its ambassador to Israel, Yasser Rida, from Tel Aviv, and to deport the Israel's ambassador in Egypt, in response to the IDF strikes on Gaza since Friday.

Sources in the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem said that the decision was taken unanimously, but that the significance of the decision is being investigated.

Israeli flag at Cairo embassy - AP - August 20, 2011

Since the escalation on the Israel-Gaza border started on Friday, the ambassador to Egypt, Yaakov Amitai, has not been called for a clarification meeting at Egypt's foreign ministry.

Israel's embassy in Cairo was closed for a period of months after the embassy was attacked by a crowd last year. Following the attack, Israel's diplomatic corps in Egypt was evacuated to Israel.

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