Peres Sends Sarkozy and Bruni Gift for Their Newborn Baby

In letter, President congratulates French counterpart, wife Carla Bruni for birth of daughter Giulia; gift is baby suit that says: 'I'm a Princess' in Hebrew.

President Shimon Peres sent a present to French counterpart Nikola Sarkozy on Thursday, congratulating him and wife Carla Bruni on the recent birth of their baby girl Giulia.

In the letter accompanying a baby suit enscribed with "I am a princess" in Hebrew, Peres told his "dear friend" Sarkozyhe was "pleased to hear the happy news on the birth of your daughter."


"I send my congratulations to Carla and the baby, who will be, I am sure, a source of joy to the Sarkozy family and of pride to her parents," the president said, adding that the "people of Israel join me in sending you our best wishes."

Christophe Bigot, France's ambassador to Israel, will deliver the gift to Sarkozy.