Netanyahu Adds YouTube Spoof of AIPAC Speech to Official Facebook Page

New video mixes Prime Ministers reference to Iran as a 'nuclear duck' in his address before the pro-Israel lobby in the U.S.; U.S. comic Jon Stewart says PM's 'duck' loses to Iran's 'cancer' metaphor.

A YouTube spoof of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahus AIPAC speech on Irans nuclear program went viral on Wednesday, to the extent that the premier posted the humorous video on his official Facebook page.

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Netanyahu AIPAC - AP - 5.3.12

The video, which has gone on to receive hundreds of "likes" on the PM's page, targeted the portion of Netanyahus speech in which he addressed Israels certainty over Irans nuclear intentions, urging the international community to act now in order to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons capabilities.

"If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then what is it? That's right, it's a duck. But this duck is a nuclear duck and it's time the world started calling a duck a duck," the premier said.

In response to Netanyahus evocation of the duck metaphor, a video surfaced on YouTube mocking the PMs rhetoric, mixing sound-bites from his speech with Daffy Duck clips with dance music in the background.

On Tuesday, the speech was referenced on Jon Stewarts popular The Daily Show, where the American comedian said Irans use of the metaphor comparing Israel to a cancerous growth was a better than Netanyahus duck.

The Daily Show
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This isnt the first time Netanyahu has adopted a satirical jab aimed at him. Following an official photograph depicting the recently released IDF soldier Gilad Shalit hugging his father, with the PM looking on in the background, a meme was initiated which depicted Netanyahu photo bombing historical events, movie scenes, and so on.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
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Eventually, Netanyahu added his own version of the meme, a photo of himself addressing the 66th UN General Assembly at the UN headquarters this year, with an image of the smiling prime minister superimposed in the background.

A speech bubble emerges from Netanyahu's smiling mouth saying, "Doogri, you made me laugh." The word "Doogri" is Hebrew slang that means "honestly", or "straightforward.