Sequel to Israeli Film on Homosexual IDF Romance to Open Tribeca Film-fest

'Yossi's Story' to join two other Israeli films: 'Room 514,' directed by Sharon Bar-Ziv, and Arnon Goldfinger's 'The Flat.'

"Yossi's Story," directed by Eytan Fox, will be entered into competition next month at New York's Tribeca Film Festival. It is a sequel to Fox's popular "Yossi and Jagger," from 2002, and will open the festival's narrative competition section. Two other Israeli films to be screened at the Tribeca Festival are "Room 514," directed by Sharon Bar-Ziv, and Arnon Goldfinger's "The Flat" (which will compete in the world documentary feature category ). The festival's directors announced the news yesterday. The festival starts on April 18.

"Yossi's Story" follows the life of its eponymous main character, 10 years after Jagger's death in Lebanon. Yossi is now a successful cardiologist, yet he has not fully recovered from the traumatic death of his lover. An unplanned meeting with Jagger's mother forces him to take a new look at his life, and to confront his fears and secrets.

From Eytan Fox’s 'Yossi’s Story'.

Fox expressed satisfaction yesterday after learning of his film's acceptance into the prestigious festival. "'Yossi's Story' is important to me, and close to my heart," he said. "It is the most personal film I've made," adding, "I am proud that the Tribeca Festival considers the film worthy of competing, and of serving as the opening film. The return to the Tribeca Festival, where a decade ago 'Yossi and Jagger' was premiered in the United States ... feels like the closing of a circle, and I'm very excited about it," Fox said.

"Room 514" is Bar-Ziv's first film. It will be screened out of competition, in the Viewpoints section. The film focuses on an army investigator who confronts a platoon commander who is accused of violence.

Yossi Jagger - 2002