Israeli Singer Arik Einstein Dedicates Ballad to Gilad Shalit

One of Israel’s music giants has recorded a song honoring abducted soldier Gilad Shalit's return to Israel after over five years in captivity in Gaza.

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Israeli singer Arik Einstein is releasing a new song in honor of abducted soldier Gilad Shalit's return to Israel on Tuesday.

The song, with words and music by Guy Bocati, Einstein’s musical partner in recent years, was recorded on Monday night.

Legendary Israeli singer Arik Einstein.

“You'll always be a hero,” Einstein sings. “You are allowed to cry. It’s not simple at all, to forgive fate.”

Since the news that a prisoner swap deal between Israel and Hamas would bring Shalit home was made public last week, many artists have responded with music. Channel 10 asked Shlomi Shaban and Ninet Tayeb to re-record Ehud Banai’s song “Coming out into the light.” Singer Aviv Geffen dedicated “Everyone’s Child” to Gilad, and even Eyal Golan, Idan Yaniv and Shlomo Arzi dedicated songs to him.

Listen to Einstein's song (in Hebrew):

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“Now that you are here” (words by Guy Bocati)

And we will never forget
The sweet moment
That we heard it was over
And that you are coming
To be near

A smile of innocent children
Took over our faces
The first shudder
After five years

Now that you are here
Take it slow
Don’t run fast
Remember, forget, laugh
You'll always be a hero
You are allowed to cry
Its not simple at all
To forgive fate

But now that you are here
You can have love
You can have a strong embrace
You can breathe deep

For five years the heart ticked
A clock ticking pain
The fear that you would not return
Killed our heart

We love
To hear your name
Now you are back
And there is a great love here

Take what is possible
Don’t dare to be shy
We have waited just to give you
Everything you ask for

But now that you are here.
Oh, how wonderful it is that you are here