Seven-year-old Girl Dies After Being Swept Into West Bank Stream

Girl was transferred to Tel Hashomer Hospital in serious condition where resuscitation attempts failed; 96-year-old died in an ambulance that slipped on icy road in Sderot.

A seven-year-old girl died on Friday after getting swept up in flooding in a stream near Modi'in Ilit, as stormy weather conditions persisted across the country.

The girl was found by police and volunteers after her father reported the incident, which took place amid stormy weather that has swept Israel since Tuesday.  

The stream in Modi'in Ilit.
Kobi Rozenstein

Kobi Rozenstein, a member of the emergency rescue team told Haaretz that in the east of the city there is a neighborhood called Heftziba, where the Modiin stream passes through, that is meant to pass under the street. The huge quantities of water took the street apart and cut off the neighborhood. It seems that the girl when to school and was swept away to the water.

In another accident caused by adverse weather conditions, a 96-year old woman from Sderot died on the way to Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon, as the ambulance that was transferring her slipped on ice on the road.

A medical team had been called to the womans house on Friday, as she was unconscious and without a pulse. After attempts to resuscitate her failed, the team decided to transfer her hospital.

At the western exit from Sderot, the ambulance slipped on the ice, and stopped by the side of the road. A number of accidents had occurred there already, including one car which overturned as a result of the ice.

Magen David Adom called another ambulance to the scene, and the woman was transferred to Barzilai, where her death was confirmed.

The police are investigating the incident.