Four Students Indicted for Murdering Kfar Qasem Teen

The minors from Jaljulya are suspected of opening fire on a school bus after a classmate quarrel.

Four minors were indicted Monday for the murder of a teen when they opened fire on a school bus in Kfar Qasem around a month ago.

The four students from the village of Jaljulya, aged 16-17, are also indicted for the attempted murder of another minor, and for involvement in a crime.

According to the indictment, in early October two groups of students from Kfar Kasem and Jaljulya began fighting. The quarrel began with threats, escalated to physical violence, and then the four students from Jaljulya decided to avenge the Kfar Kasem students with murder.

The bus that was attacked was traveling between the villages of Kfar Qasem and Kfar Bara when it was hit by a burst of gunfire.

The student killed in the shooting was identified as Kfar Qasem resident Amjad Shwahana, 15. He arrived at Amar's clinic in critical condition, after being shot in the back and chest, along with another student who was moderately wounded. The hospital relayed that the critically wounded teenager succumbed to his wounds shortly following his arrival.