Police Suspect Love Quarrel Behind Teen Murder in Arab Town

Police believe they may have solved the murder; the apparent motive was a student quarrel over a romantic matter.

Yuval Goren
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Yuval Goren

Israel Police believe they may have solved the murder of a student who was killed last month when gunmen opened fire on the school bus he was riding. The Petah Tikva court is expected to extend the remand of the FOUR minors allegedly responsible for the shooting until Monday.

The motive behind the murder was apparently a quarrel between students over a romantic matter wherein one of the students gave an alleged 'look' to another student's girlfriend. The feud escalated to physical violence and stabbing attempts, and consequently led to the fatal shooting.

The student killed in the shooting was identified as Kfar Qasem resident Amjad Shwahana, 15. His father, Akab Shwahana, arrived to the court house where he met the families of the murder suspects. "I demand the law to send these murderers behind bars for the rest of their lives. They are murderers that shouldn't be let out in the streets," said the father and added that "people sometimes make mistakes, but this isn't a mistake. This was on purpose and it is murder for no reason."

The victim's uncle told that the family isn't looking for revenge but the culprits need to be sentenced "in order for justice to come to light and that people like them won't repeat their actions in the future."

The uncle believes that the rising violence in schools, which in his opinion begins at home, is what caused this tragic event. "Every time a child attacks a teacher or swears, instead of condemning their child's acts, the parents protect him and attack the teacher themselves."

The school bus shooting took place a month ago. Around 3 P.M., the bus was traveling from the village of Kfar Bara to the villages of Jaljulya and Kfar Qasem when it was hit by a burst of gunfire. Numerous bullets broke through the bus windows and shattered them to pieces, striking Amjad Shwahana in the back and chest.

Shwahana arrived at Amar's clinic in critical condition along with another student who was moderately wounded.

Both students were then taken to Beilinson Hospital in Petah Tikva for further treatment. The hospital relayed that the critically wounded teenager succumbed to his wounds shortly following his arrival.

Several other students on the bus were treated for shock.

According to the investigation, the quarrel was between students from a school in Kfar Qasem and students from a Jaljulya school, which began a few days prior to the fatal shooting. Some of the arrested minors confessed to involvement in the murder. Next week, they will be indicted for murder by the prosecution.