Top Israeli News Anchor Leaves Channel 10 After Studio Forced to Move to Jerusalem

Channel 10 anchor Yaakov Eilon says work conditions and the quality of the nightly broadcast have changed for the worse since the studio moved to Israel's capital.

Top Israeli news anchor Yaakov Eilon announced his departure Monday from Channel 10, where he has been delivering the nightly news for the past ten years.

In a letter to Channel 10 CEO Uri Rozen, Eilon expressed his dissatisfaction with the way his news broadcast functioned, ever since it was forced to move to a studio in Jerusalem under a law which stipulates that all media outlets that receive government funding must be based in the country's capital.

Ariel Shalit

“Even if the viewers do not totally understand that the studio photo is screened behind me electronically, they do notice the fact that there are no more in-house interviews,” wrote Eilon in his letter.

“The ‘solution’ of moving the studio achieves nothing more than hurting the broadcast and the viewers,” added Eilon, saying that the work conditions had long ago become unbearable.

In an email sent by Rozen to the Channel 10 staff, he underscored Eilon’s contributions to the channel, as well as to Israeli news in general. Rozen also acknowledged that the months since the forced move to Jerusalem had caused Eilon “great suffering,” and added that both the viewers and the channel will miss him.

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