Report: Lebanon Arrests 3 People Suspected of Spying for Israel, Trespassing

Al-Hayat reports that Lebanese intelligence interrogated Arab-Israeli man arrested on suspicion of trespassing, after he arrived in Lebanon from Israel via the sea.

Lebanon has arrested three people suspected of spying for Israel and trespassing, the London-based al-Hayat newspaper reported Tuesday.

According to the report, an Egyptian citizen and his wife were arrested on suspicion of spying, and an Arab-Israeli man was arrested on suspicion of trespassing.


Ahmed Jamal Daif was found on Monday in a diving suit on a beach in the southern Lebanese border town of Naqoura, a Lebanese army source said. Daif arrived in Lebanon from Israel via the sea. The Lebanese intelligence is interrogating him and ascertaining whether he was spying for Israel.

The report said Daif is a 33-year-old citizen of an Ara, in Israel.

In a radio interview with Ashams, Daif's brother said he works as a chef in a Netanya restaurant and that he does not know what motivated him to travel to Lebanon. He said his brother was going through a mental breakdown and could be described as emotionally unstable. He was not sure whether Daif was swept to the Lebanese shore or whether he intentionally swam there, but emphasized that he has no link to political activities. Daif's brother added that he had contacted Israel Police and that the case is known to them and currently being attended to.

There have been instances in the past of Israeli and Lebanese citizens being arrested on suspicion of illegally crossing the border. Some of the instances included Lebanese shepherds or citizens that crossed the border by accident, mainly in the Har Dov region. In one case, a citizen of Mizra, which is in the Western Galilee, was arrested after crossing the border. After Lebanon returned him to Israel he was arrested again and tried.