Suspect Charged in Mass Murder of Ex-boss's Family

Damian Karlik's wife Natasha indicted for manslaughter of Oshrenko family of six in Rishon Letzion.

Yuval Goren
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Yuval Goren

A Petah Tikva court on Thursday charged prime suspect Damian Karlik with six counts of murder over the slaying of the Oshrenko family in Rishon Letzion last month.

Police allege that Karlik, 38, planned to rob the Oshrenko family home and suspect he killed the two Oshrenko children out of hatred for the family, whom he felt he had humiliated him when he was fired from his position as head waiter at their restaurant.

Karlik's wife, Natasha, was indicted for manslaughter and obstruction of evidence. Police suspect that Natasha was fully aware of her husband's plan to murder the six members of the family, and served as an accomplice to preparations for the crime.

The prosecution requested to extend both of their remands until the end of proceedings. The couple is being charged with conspiring to murder the victims and robbery.

The bodies of the Oshrenko family - 56-year-old grandfather and grandmother Edward and Ludmilla, parents Tattiana, 28 and Dimitry, 32, and the children Revital, 3 and 4-month-old Netanel - were found in their Rishon Letzion apartment in early October displaying visible signs of violence.

The Karlik family - including Damien, Natasha, their daughter, his parents Oleg and Olga and sister-in-law Maria - were arrested shortly after the murder.

The Karlik's 17-year-old daughter and Natasha's sister were both charged with withholding evidence and obstruction of investigation procedures, as they allegedly knew of Damien's involvement in the case, but did not come forth with the information.

Damien's father Igor, who confessed to destroying evidence including the murder weapon and interfering with the investigation, was also charged in the case.

The indictment states that Damien acted out of spite for his former employer due to the fact that he had been fired from his job.

Karlik's attorney, Uri Keinan, rejected the charges and said that his client was forced into a false confession due to the conditions of the interrogation.

Keinan, appealed to the Tel Aviv District Court last week against Karlik's conditions in jail, where the suspect spent most of the day with his hands and feet chained to his bed.