Pro-Palestinian Hackers Apologize for Bringing Down Haaretz's Hebrew Website

Twitter user who had taken responsibility for the attack says, 'we are sorry, we didn't know that haaretz is a good newspaper.'

The pro-Palestinian hackers that took responsibility for bringing down Haaretz's Hebrew website posted an apology on their Twitter account on Friday.

"@haaretzprint we are sorry , we didn't know that haaretz is a good newspaper,we sorry about this , and be sure no one will attack u again," @AnonPS posted.

Anonymous hackers

On Wednesday, Haaretz Hebrew website was brought down in a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, after hackers had paralyzed several other Israeli websites earlier that day.

The attack lasted for several hours, and the hackers then targeted the Israel Hayom daily's English website.

The attacks saturated the websites' servers with information such that it could not respond to legitimate internet traffic.