Israeli Surveillance Camera Puts Lebanon Army on Highest Alert

Lebanese security source says Israel Defense Forces soldiers seen installing surveillance camera near Fatima Gate, along Israel border in southern Lebanon.

The Lebanese army went on full alert Tuesday near the border with Israel after Israeli soldiers were spotted installing a surveillance camera near the Fatima Gate in southern Lebanon, a Lebanese security source said.

"The soldiers were moving close to the border with the Lebanese territories and installing new surveillance cameras, which prompted the Lebanese army in the area of Fatima gate to go on alert," the source said without elaborating.

Lebanon - Yaron Kaminsky - July 12 2011
Yaron Kaminsky

Fatima gate is a former border crossing point between the two countries, but the gate was closed when Israel ended its 22-year occupation of southern Lebanon in 2000.

Since the summer of 2000, the gate has become the site of many anti-Israeli demonstrations and cross-border stone throwing from Lebanon into Israel.