Hamas Calls for Overthrow of Israeli-Palestinian Oslo Peace Accords

Statement released on 18th anniversary of the signing of the accords, Islamist movement says Palestinians should 'build up a unified Palestinian front.'

The Islamist Hamas movement called Tuesday for the overthrow of the Israeli-Palestinian Oslo interim peace accords, saying the 1993 deal paving the way for an eventual peace had been a "dangerous event."

In a statement released on the 18th anniversary of the signature of the accords by Israel and the Palestinian Liberation Organization, Hamas said it "was the most dangerous agreement on the Palestinian cause and the rights of our people."

Hamas militant - Reuters - 9.4.11

Hamas, which has administered the Gaza Strip since 2007, consistently refuses to recognize Israel, and calls for it to be destroyed and replaced by an Islamic state covering all of historic Palestine.

Since the accords were signed, Hamas has launched a series of suicide bombings and other attacks against Israel, killing and wounding hundreds of people.

Tuesday's statement said it was time for the Palestinians to "work to overthrow" the agreements, and called for "establishing a new era of national unity, building up a unified Palestinian front and a wise, unified and powerful leadership to face all the upcoming challenges."

The Oslo Accords, which are officially called the "Declaration ofPrinciples," were negotiated in secret and signed in Washington on September 13, 1993. They call for a complete withdrawal of Israeli troops from the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, and Palestinian rule in both regions for a transitional period not exceeding five years, leading to a permanent solution.

The anniversary of the signing of the accords went virtually unmarked in Israel.