Home of Israeli Left-wing Activist Defaced in Latest 'Price Tag' Act

Right-wing activists thought responsible for graffiti proclaiming 'death to the traitors' and 'price tag Migron'; Peace Now urges government to take steps against 'new Jewish underground'.

The home of a well-known left-wing activist in Jerusalem was defaced with graffiti proclaiming "death to the traitors" and "price tag Migron" on Sunday night, a move apparently carried out by rightists angry over the government's decision to demolish illegal structures in a West Bank settlement.

The activist whose home was vandalized, who requested not to be named, said she found the graffiti on Monday morning after informed by a neighbor.

The graffiti sprayed on the activist's door in Jerusalem, September 12, 2011

"We know there is someone who is making sure we are scared," she said. "I'm sure the police will handle this and I'm sure it will find those responsible."

The activist said that although this is the first time graffiti is sprayed on her home, she has received multiple emails and phone calls with the same messages, as have some of her colleagues.

The Peace Now movement responded by saying: "This is a serious incident that requires emergency steps against what seems like a new Jewish underground. The atmosphere of hate is seeping from elements in the Knesset deep into Israeli society."

MK Eitan Cabel (Labor) decried the incident, which he said reflected a dangerous pattern. "These fanatics apparently feel there is someone who will protect them and their criminal acts, and it's not God."

On Sunday, two right-wing activists attacked four Arab employees of the Jerusalem municipality using tear gas. Police has yet to arrest any suspects. On Sunday evening, right-wing activists held a demonstration in from of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's home in Jerusalem to protest the demolition of three houses in the settlement of Migron earlier this month.

Last Wednesday, Israeli settlers in the West Bank vandalized an Israel Defense Forces base, carrying out a "price tag" operation against the army for the first time since adopting the policy in recent years.

Unknown perpetrators infiltrated a base in the Binyamin region and snuck their way to a mechanics workshop on site, where they slashed the tires and cut the cables of 12 army vehicles.