Israeli Ethiopian Begins Three-day March Against Racism

Mulet Araro, who set out on foot to Jerusalem from his home in Kiryat Malachi, will arrive in time for Wednesday's anti-racism demonstration in Jerusalem.

A 26-year old Israeli activist of Ethiopian origin, Mulet Araro, set out on foot to Jerusalem on Monday morning to protest against racism in Israeli society.

Starting out from his home in Kiryat Malachi, Araro, who is a member of an Ethiopian activist group, will take three days to reach Jerusalem, arriving in time for an anti-racism protest which is scheduled to take place on Wednesday.

Mulet Araro - Ilan Assayag - January 16, 2012
Ilan Assayag,

Hundreds of demonstrators hit the streets of Kiryat Malachi last week, protesting what they call the discrimination of Ethiopian immigrants. According to Ethiopian residents of the town, housing committees in the city have been refusing to sell them apartments. Hate graffiti against Israelis of Ethiopian origin was also sprayed on several vehicles and walls in in the town last Sunday.

I am setting out on a protest march against the racism that reigns in Israeli society with the aim of waking society up from its current sleepy state, Araro wrote on his Facebook page.

As someone who has grown up here, I can no longer stand society's irresponsibility  toward the fight against racism, he added, also saying that his generation is willing to fight, and must fight for future generations.

Araros protest march was publicized Sunday night among other activists, who were invited to join him on the 63 kilometer journey to Jerusalem.

On his journey, Araro will pass through Beit Shemesh and Latrun on the first day, and Mevaseret Zion on the second, before arriving in Jerusalem on the third day. On his arrival in Jerusalem, he will make his way past the Western Wall to the Israeli Knesset, where protesters will be meeting for the anti-racism demonstration on Wednesday.

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