Shots Fired on Home of Tuba-Zangaria Who Blamed Mosque Arson on Locals

Unidentified attackers open fire on home of Bassem Souad, a 43 year old disabled IDF veteran, after he blamed local villagers for October attack on village mosque.

Shots were fired Saturday night on the home of Tuba-Zangaria resident Bassem Souad after he blamed a recent arson attack against on the village's mosque on residents of the village.

No injuries were reported in the attack, although Souad said one of the bullets nearly missed his 16 year-old daughter's head.

Tuba - Gil Eliyahu - January 15, 2012
Gil Eliyahu

Tuba-Zangaria's mosque was set on fire in early October. At the time, Israel Police suspected that the attack was part of a wave of "price-tag" attacks against Arab targets by right-wing settlers. However, several suspects who were apprehended in the wake of the attack were eventually released for lack of evidence.

The attack on Souad's home occurred early Sunday morning. On Saturday evening, Souad, a 43 year old disabled IDF veteran, told Channel 2 that the arson was the result of a quarrel between residents of the village, and not an attack by nationalistic Jewish elements.

"A Jew will not come and burn down this mosque. The one who burned the mosque is one of our own. I say this because I am not afraid of anyone. He is from the village, to my great regret," he said.

After the interview was broadcast, police were sent to guard Souad's house at the request of the village's mayor. Police, however, were distracted by a fire set by the assailants at the entrance to the village as a diversion. When the police went to check out that incident, unidentified attackers shot automatic fire at the house. Israel Police have opened an investigation into the incident.