Senior Palestinian Official Says Israeli Settlers Torched His Car in Ramallah

Mohammad Ghannam, a senior PA intelligence officer and brother of Ramallah governor, says his car was parked at entrance of Dir Dibwan village when vandals set fire to it.

A senior Palestinian Authority intelligence officer said that Israeli settlers had torched his car in Ramallah on Monday.

Mohammad Ghannam said his car was parked at the entrance of the Dir Dibwan village in Ramallah when vandals set fire to his vehicle, Ma'an news agency reported.

Shiron Granot

Ghannam is the brother of Ramallah's governor, Leila Ghannam.

The torching of the car appears similar to several "price tag" attacks that have occurred recently. Last week, a mosque was defaced with Hebrew graffiti and three cars have been torched in the Palestinian village of Dir Istiyya in the West Bank.

Two weeks ago, two vehicles were set on fire in a Palestinian car wash in East Jerusalem.

The term "price tag" refers to vandalism and attacks perpetrated by rightist extremists mostly against Palestinians.