Where Were You on 9/11 When the Twin Towers Fell?

Haaretz takes part in an international project inviting you to share your 9/11 memories with us and the rest of the world, 10 years after the biggest terrorist attack in history.

The eyes of the world were focused on a single point on September 11, 2001: New York City. In the 10 years that have followed the fall of the Twin Towers, in a terrorist attack that took the lives of more than 3,000 people, Haaretz invites you to share your memories of the moment that you first learned of the largest terrorist attack ever on American soil.

Where were you when you heard that a group of terrorists took control of passenger jets in U.S. airspace and exploded them into the World Trade Center buildings in New York City? What did you feel when you saw the shocking images on the TV screen? What did you think when you heard on the radio, and read on the internet, the eyewitnesses horror stories?

Your memories and those of other readers from all over the world will be published as part of a special international project. Using the data entry forms below, type in your location and tell us how you heard about the 9/11 attacks and what you experienced when you realized that the skyscrapers crashed to the ground, burying everyone inside of them.

9/11 memorial AP 11.9.2010