Netanyahu: Israel Government Has Duty 'To Correct Social Disparities'

Benjamin Netanyahu urges attendees of weekly government meeting to 'maintain balance between social sensitivity and economic responsibility'; says Trajtenberg Committee recommendations to be published within two weeks.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told a weekly government meeting on Sunday morning that it is his governments duty "to correct social disparities.

Addressing the issue of the social protests that have swept Israel this summer, Netanyahu said that the public discourse that has developed with the protests this summer had created a unique opportunity for change, according to a Channel 10 report.

Netanyahu - AP - August 7, 2011

"We must maintain a balance between social sensitivity and economic responsibility," Netanyahu added. 

Netanyahu also referred to the Trajtenberg Committee, saying that the socioeconomic committees recommendations would be published in two weeks time, and that he intends to act quickly once they are published.

Over 450,000 protesters attended rallies across the country last night calling for social justice in what was the largest demonstration in Israeli history, and the latest to take place as part of the social protests which have swept the country this summer.