'Saudi' Hacker Is Based in Mexico, Israeli Blogger Says

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The Saudi hacker who stole tens of thousands of credit cards and private information from Israelis currently resides in Mexico, Israeli blogger Amir Fedida claimed on Friday. 

According to Fedida, the hacker is a 19-year old who works in a café, and studies computer science in at the Hidalguense Cenhies in Mexico. Fedida claims the hacker is originally from the United Arab Emirates.

Screen grab of Saudi hackers' message.

The not-so clever hacker, to put it mildly, made many mistakes, Fadida posted on his blog.

His greatest mistake is to approach the Israeli media. With the email address with which he entered into dialogue with Israeli journalists, and some spare time, I went on a mission that lasted a few hours, in which I didnt only reach the man himself, I gathered many bits of information that were scattered around the web. I put them together piece by piece, like a puzzle, Fedida added.

I hope the investigation will bear fruit, including maybe even extradition to Israel and a trial, he wrote.

The 19-year old hacker who is behind the publication of the credit card information of tens of thousands of Israelis told Haaretz that he had been working on the operation for six months. He emphasized that he intends to another batch of credit card numbers soon, but did not provide a specific date.

I will stagger the publication of the filesthe enemy must be targeted slowly, not with one hit, so that the enemy will suffer more, the hacker said.

The hacker claimed he currently lives in Riyadh. He said that he is a computer sciences student, and that he had hacked into some eighty databases, but had only used information from the ONE sports website in order to direct people to the information he had revealed.

xOmar 0 said earlier this week that he had revealed information including credit card details, personal addresses, names, phone numbers and ID numbers of individuals listed on the website, One.co.il.

Israeli credit card companies said Monday that the list is repetitive and only includes 14,000 Israelis.

A third file was published by another hacker, identifying himself as "X" on Friday evening.