Police Arrest Fourth Suspect in Case of Espionage Against Israel

Majdal Shams resident arrested for allegedly committing crimes against the security of Israel. Her husband and son were arrested for similar charges.

Israeli authorities arrested a fourth suspect on Monday as part of an investigation into suspected espionage against Israel that was first revealed earlier this month.

Mona Sha'ar was arrested on Monday in the northern Druze village of Majdal Shams for allegedly committing crimes against the security of Israel.

Mona Sha'ar
Yaron Kaminsky

Her son, Fada Sha'ar, was the first in this case to be arrested several weeks prior for alleged espionage and committing crimes against Israeli security. Her husband was also been arrested in connection to the case.

The defense attorney representing both Majd and Fada Sha'ar told Haaretz that the arrest was illogical and strange. According to the attorney, the first suspect's father was detained for questioning following his son's arrest, and released several hours later.
Police arrested a Mahmoud Masarwah of Baka al-Garbiyeh earlier in the month over suspicion of espionage and contact with a foreign agent.

His attorney, Jalal Abu-Vassal, said that he could not comment on the suspicions against his client because he had not been allowed to meet with the suspect and has no knowledge of the alleged crimes.

Masarwah is a well know political activist who has been active over recent years on behalf of political prisoners held in Israel. He has been arrested in the past and has spent some time in prison.

A gag order has been imposed on the details of the case.