Turkish Hackers Target Israeli Pizza Lovers

The email addresses and passwords of more than 25,000 Israeli Pizza Hut customers have been published in an online Turkish hackers forum.

The number of Israelis whose personal information was stolen by Turkish hackers has risen to at least 100,000, TheMarker reported on Sunday. On top of Saturday's report of more than 30,000 Israeli victims of information theft, TheMarker has learned there is a file circulating on the internet containing the e-mail addresses of an additional 70,000 Israeli web users.

Israel's Pizza Hut website was one of the targets of Turkish hackers in the wake of the IDF's interception of a Gaza-bound aid flotilla on May 31 in which nine pro-Palestinian Turkish activists were killed.

The e-mail addresses and passwords of 26,476 Israeli Pizza Hut online customers have been published in a Turkish hackers forum.

Pizza Hut confirmed that e-mail addresses and passwords of customers who ordered pizza from the company's website in early June had been stolen.

Pizza Hut officials said that credit card data is not stored on the website, so customers do not need to fear financial loss stemming from the information theft.

The Walla Tech! website reported on Saturday that the Chabad website was targeted by Turkish hackers and 7,000 e-mail addresses were taken.