Haifa Police Chief Ahuva Tomer Dies of Injuries From Carmel Fire

Brigadier General Tomer was critically injured on Thursday driving behind a bus full of prison guards that burned up in the flames.

The highest ranking woman officer in the Israel Police, Brigadier General Ahuva Tome,  died on Monday after succumbing to critical injuries sustained in the huge brushfire in the Carmel region.

Tomer, who headed the Haifa Police Department, was critically injured on Thursday driving behind a bus full of prison guards that burned up in the flames.

Tomer Neuberg

Deputy Commander Tomer was taken to Carmel Hospital in Haifa, where a team of 20 doctors worked a great length to revive her, finally succeeding in restoring a pulse – "against all odds," in their words. After he condition stabilized, Tomer was transferred to Rambam Hospital for continued medical treatment.

Deputy Commander Tomer is considered to be one of the best-known and highest-ranking officers in the northern region. She made history in 1997 when she was appointed police commander in Nahariya, and again in 2009 when she was appointed commander of the Haifa station, the largest in Israel.

Tomer is highly respected by her fellow officers and is known for maintaining good relations with the media. Officers that have worked with her describe her as dedicated and professional, and that although she advanced the case of women in the police force, she never used her own status as a woman as political leverage.

At the end of the 1990s, when she served as the commander of the Nahariya Police, a complaint was lodged against her, which led to criminal charges against her and her partner, on suspicion of fraud.

After six years of legal battles, Tomer was cleared of all charges. At that time, the court criticized Internal Affairs for a shoddy investigation, saying that investigators got excited over the opportunity to charge a high-ranking officer with a crime.

After she was cleared of all charges, Tomer was given a position suited to her rank, Commander of Operations in the Israel's northern region, before she was offered the top job with Haifa Police in March 2009.