Poll: Majority of Egyptians Support Maintaining Israel Peace

Survey by International Peace Institute published by the Wall Street Journal also shows most Egyptians do not support religious-extremist regime.

A poll conducted by The International Peace Institute published by the Wall Street Journal on Thursday shows that a majority of Egyptians would like to see a continuation of the peace treaty with Israel.

"Maintaining and advancing peace with Israel has far wider appeal than a rupture in relations," reads the report on the poll, citing 60 percent of those polled as supporting maintaining the peace treaty with Israel.

Egypt protests AP

Those polled added, however, that they are also vying for the creation of an independent Palestinian State.

Israeli officials have been concerned that a new government in Egypt may not uphold the commitment between Israel and Egypt ever since the country's long-time President Hosni Mubarak stepped down following a wave of nationwide protests.

The poll also addressed another source of concern for many in the region, the possibility that an Islamist-leaning government could cause potential uprisings against surrounding secular governments.

The poll, however, produced unexpected results, with 38 percent of Egyptians polled saying they favored the Muslim Brotherhood, while nearly 50 percent prefer the secular Wafd Party led by Egypt's former foreign minister, Amr Moussa.

The poll came after last month Egypt's foreign minister told an Israeli official that Cairo was committed to its international treaties, ensuring the security of peace between Israel and Egypt since 1979.

Foreign Minister Nabil Elaraby, appointed as part of a reshuffle last month, reiterated that message in a meeting in Cairo with Rafi Barak, a senior Israeli foreign ministry official, the statement said.

Elaraby also discussed the need for serious efforts to realize "justice and comprehensive peace," and the situation in the Hamas-run Gaza Strip.