European Nations Answer Netanyahu's Call for Help With Carmel Fire

The prime minister asks Cyprus, Greece, and other countries to send firefighting aircraft after rescue services say they have lost complete control of the fire.

Israel turned to the United States on Thursday and urgently requested the help of the Obama administration in putting out the huge brushfire that was still raging in northern Israel.

40 individuals died as a result of a fire that was still raging through the Carmel Mountains on Thursday. Israeli firefighting crews said they have completely lost control of the blaze, saying not enough resources exist in Israel to tame the flames.

Israel asked the U.S. government to send firefighting aircraft and firefighting materials from nearby American military bases.

Moreover, the Foreign Ministry asked Bulgaria, Croatia, Spain, France, and Romania to send Israel firefighting aircraft which could operate during the night hours.

Earlier on Thursday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu got the okay from Cyprus that it would send its only firefighting aircraft to Israel. The prime minister also agreed with Greece that it would send Israel a few firefighting aircraft currently at its disposal.

Netanyahu also turned to Russia and Italy for help in putting out the major blaze.

Turkish officials in Washington D.C. have said that Turkey has offered to send two firefighting aircraft to Israel and is waiting for a response from the Israeli government.