Germany Outlaws Charity Over Alleged Hamas Links

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Germany has outlawed a charity operating in the country because of its alleged links to the militant Palestinian organization Hamas, Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere announced Monday.

A Palestinian girl stands by sacks of humanitarian aid in Shatie refugee camp, in Gaza City on June 6, 2010. Credit: AP

Authorities believe the Internationale Humanitaere Hilfsorganisation (IHH), which is registered in Frankfurt, has been funneling financial donations to Hamas which controls the Gaza Strip and is considered a terrorist organization by the European Union and
United States.

"The IHH has, under the cover of humanitarian aid, supported Gaza Strip-based so-called social associations which are attributable to Hamas, for a long period of time and to a considerable financial extent," de Maiziere said in a statement.

"Hamas employs acts of violence against Israel and Israeli citizens and therefore compromises a peaceful settlement between the Israeli and Palestinian people," the statement said.

Despite sharing the name, the German IHH has no connection to the Turkish group that organized the flotilla to break the naval blockade of Gaza that left nine people dead.