IDF Chief: WikiLeaks Exposés Will Affect Our Diplomacy

A scandal set off by the publication of secret U.S. cables could lower the level of diplomatic discussions worldwide, says Gabi Ashkenazi.

Leaked diplomatic cables between the United States and Israel could harm Israel's ties with foreign governments, IDF Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi said on Tuesday that .

Speaking at the IDF Induction Center in Tel Hashomer, Ashkenazi said of the publication of the classified documents by WikiLeaks "teaches us that this new world is fraught with danger".


"We must learn our lessons. IDF Intelligence is monitoring further developments," Askkenazi said. "Diplomats the world over will be much more careful when they speak, not only with Americans. In that sense, it will reduce the depth of diplomatic discussions."

Ashkenazi went on to comment on the newest round of IDF staff appointments, saying most departmental heads would be replaced soon.

"Change is part of [IDF] culture, many people have the necessary experience for the job, so it is certainly reasonable.

He also back the appointment of Tamir Fredo as chief of the Mossad spy service, calling him "professional and worthy".