Druze Protesters Clash With Police Searching Restaurant in Golan Village

A large number of police surrounded the village during the search, residents said, leading thousands of protesters to resist their attempts.

Several Druze residents from the Golan village of Majdal Shams were wounded Sunday evening in clashes with Israel Police, according to eyewitnesses.

The confrontation occurred after police officers entered a restaurant in the village in an attempt to carry out a search. A large number of police surrounded the village during the search, residents said.

Druze in the village of Majdal Shams

Police said their efforts were met with resistance from the village residents. Backup forces arrived on the scene and attempted to disperse the resisters.

According to the head of the northern district unit police force, "20 officers attempted to carry out a search and were attacked by hundreds of village residents."

After negotiating with community leaders, police managed to move the crowd back from the building so that ambulances could get through.

The police officers who were trapped in the restaurant by the mob have since been rescued.

"There was serious violence during the confrontation," the police officer said. "There was stone throwing and violent attempts by the residents to enter the restaurant." He added that there have been no injuries reported so far.

A number of police cars were damaged during the incident.

A village resident who witnessed the incident told Haaretz that thousands of people surrounded the restaurant in an attempt to stop the police.

Eyewitnesses said that several people, including children, were wounded as police tried to disperse the protesters.