IDF Kills Senior Gaza Militant Planning to Abduct Israelis in Sinai

Defense establishment confirms that the Shin Bet and IDF targeted Islam Yassin, who was considered 'right hand man' of Army of Islam commander Mumtaz Durmish.

A senior member of a Palestinian militant group planning to abduct Israelis in the Sinai Peninsula was killed on Wednesday when the Israel Air Force attacked his car in central Gaza City.

Israel's defense establishment confirmed that the attack was a coordinated Shin Bet and Israel Defense Forces operation targeting Islam Yassin, considered the "right hand man" of the Army of Islam's commander Mumtaz Durmish. Yassin's brother, Mohammed, was also killed in the attack.

Gaza car AP 3.11.2010

The organization is a radical Islamic group with a mission of global Jihad linked to Al-Qaida. The Army of Islam was involved in the abduction of Gilad Shalit in 2006, although the group is no longer holding the Israeli soldier.

An Israeli air-to-ground missile in Gaza City two weeks ago killed another senior member of the group, Mohammad Namnam, who was also considered a close associate of Durmush.