Israel Launches New Ofek 9 Military Spy Satellite

Ofek 9, equipped with a high resolution camera, to join two previously launched active Israeli satellites.

Israel's Defense Ministry announced Tuesday that it had launched a military satellite, named Ofek 9, the latest in a series of spy satellites.

Ofek 7 Israeli spy satellite
Israel Aerospace Industries

The Defense Ministry said the satellite was sent skyward from the Palmachim air force base on Israel's coast south of Tel Aviv.

The statement said technical crews were examining the data.

Defense officials said Ofek 9 is a spy satellite with a high resolution camera. It was to join two other active spy satellites.

Israel is known to direct satellites over Iran to keep track of its nuclear program.

The officials said the three satellites would give Israel considerable coverage of sensitive areas. They spoke on condition of anonymity because details were not made public.