Israel Arab MK: No Murders Should Ever Be Called 'Honor Killing'

MK Ahmed Tibi proposes bill banning the public use of the 'positive' terms when referring to 'condemnable, vile' murder of women.

A new bill proposed Wednesday aimed to put an end to the public use of the terms "honor killing" or "a crime of passion,' when referring to murders.

Olivier Pitussi

The author of the bill, Arab MK Ahmed Tibi (Ra'am Ta'al), said it was supposed to put an end to the use of niceties which serve the law enforcers and the press in to change the way people view these crimes.

"The use the law enforcers and the press make of the sayings, which attach positive characteristics to murder, send encouraging and sympathetic messages about violence," Tibi said.

"There is no honor in murder and there is no romance in murder," he said, adding that "the murder of women is a condemnable, vile, chauvinistic, and primitive act that should be decried, and we shouldnt use positive sayings to describe it."

Tibi also referred to the burden it leaves on the victim's families.
He said that while the investigation is underway, the families have to handle a wave of rumors about their relatives, and they have no means of defending them.

If the bill is passed, the families of the victims will be able to sue for compensation in light of publications of this sort. The court will be able to rule compensation of up to NIS 50,000 to the victim's family before proving that any damage had been done.