Peres: Libya's Gadhafi Is the Ugly Face of Dictatorship

Addressing Jerusalem student union, President slams beleaguered Libyan Leader for his extravagant dress, saying he 'should have worked for Dior.'

Beleaguered Libyan Leader Muammar Gadhafi is the ugly face of dictatorship , President Shimon Peres said during an address to a student association in Jerusalem.

Referring to recent unrest in Libya, as pro-Gadhafi forces and rebels seeking to depose the long-time leader engage in what could be a protracted civil war, Peres said that Gadhafi was "the ugly face of the dictator and the regime's ghastly character."

President Shimon Peres - AP - Feb. 21, 2011

"I think he should have worked in Dior. Every day he changes his fashion," Peres said, adding that the Libyan leader "invests thousands of dollars in funny hats. In damned dresses. Every day he's with his damned dresses."

Last month, Peres said he believed Libyan leader Gadhafi's reign was nearing an end.

It was an "irony of history" that Gadhafi had recently expressed his desire for "a Middle East without Israel," but that it now looked like "there will be a Libya without Gaddafi," Peres said at the start of a four-day visit to Spain.

The president made the comments at the headquarters of the Jewish community in Madrid.

The current events in the Middle East were "full of hope," Peres said, that "the moderate, the young, those who want democracy will win, and not the tyrants, the dictators, nor the corrupt."