Netanyahu: Settlers' Price Tag Policy Is Unacceptable

On tour of Jordan Valley in West Bank, prime minister warns Israel will take action against lawbreakers.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday condemned a price tag policy initiated by some West Bank settlers, which has led to violent protests as well as attacks on Palestinian property following Israels demolition of unauthorized settlement outposts.

The concept of price tags is unacceptable - one cannot take the law into ones own hands, the prime minister said during a tour of the Jordan Valley, days after the evacuation of structures at the Havat Gilad outpost sparked violent clashes between security forces and settlers.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu March 8, 2011.
Moshe Milner / GPO

The laws of the State of Israel are set by the judiciary and other agencies authorized to do so. The price tag approach is fundamentally unacceptable and we will take action against those who break the law.

During the tour, Netanyahu told soldiers that the Israel Defense Forces must maintain its presence along the length of the Valley in any future peace arrangement with the Palestinians, as a safeguard against rocket attacks.

The Jordan River is Israel's security border, Netanyahu told soldiers during a tour of the area. "Israel's line of defense begins here," he said. "If rockets and missiles break out here, they will reach Tel Aviv, Haifa and all over the state."

Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovich echoed Netanyahu's statement and publically condemned the "price tag policy initiated by some of the West Bank settlers.

"What is a day of rage any way?" Aharonovich said about the violent clashes that erupted last week after the evacuation of structures at the Havat Gilad outpost. "Let them rage on themselves and on their own behavior. We hope they will understand this."

Netanyahu Jordan Valley GPO 8.3.11
Moshe Milner / GPO