Police Clash With Rightists Protesting in Jerusalem Over West Bank Outpost Demolition

Eight settlers were arrested during violent clashes earlier Monday when security forces arrived at the Havat Gilad outpost to raze several illegal structures.

About a hundred right-wing youth gathered on Jerusalem's main thoroughfare on Monday for a mass demonstration to protest the demolition of illegal structures at a West Bank outpost earlier in the day, clashing with police officers who came to disperse them.

Around 20 protesters were detained following the demonstrations.

An IDF soldier next to razed structures in Havat Gilad
Motti Milrod

Eight settlers were arrested during violent clashes that erupted after security forces arrived at the Havat Gilad outpost to demolish a family home, the foundations of a new building and a tent structure occupied by five young singles.

Settlers reported that 13 people were lightly wounded after security forces shot rubber bullets at the outpost residents.

The incident sparked fury among rightists, and led the young activists to block Begin Road and throw burning tires into traffic.

A police spokesman said officers were deployed at points in the West Jerusalem and elsewhere in Israel to curb the demonstrations.

Police were also investigating an incident in which settlers were suspected of throwing a petrol bomb at a house in the Palestinian village of Hawara in the northern West Bank, causing some damage but no injuries.

The Havat Gilad outpost is home to several dozen settlers. IDF forces have evacuated the outpost twice before, and is the site of several violent clashes between security forces and settlers.