'I Want to Be a Shahid': Flotilla Activist Hoped for Martyrdom

In footage apparently captured on board the Gaza-bound boat Mavi Marmara and released by the IDF, passenger wishes for death in confrontation with Israel troops.

IDF Spokesperson

In its latest effort to win back world opinion after killing nine pro-Palestinians in a mid-ocean raid on Monday, the IDF has released a video of a Gaza-bound activist declaring his wish to become a shahid, or Muslim martyr.

Israel intercepted a convoy of six boats in international waters some 60 miles offshore in the early hours of Monday morning. Commandos had been equipped with riot gear for what was supposed to be a routine operation against protesters challenging Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip.

Instead troops met stiff resistance and eventually opened fire. Activists have claimed their intentions were entirely peaceful - but the IDF, as well as some analysts, has drawn links between a Turkish charity group that funded the flotilla and al-Qaida terrorists.

The army on Wednesday posted this video on the YouTube website to support its claims: